The Smullen Men

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William Smullen (1821-1860)

At the age of nineteen, Cornelia Frank Smith married William Smullen on 28 January 1844. [We really don't know where William came from, but we assume he lived in Philadelphia.] The photographs of William Smullen and Cornelia Smith, obtained from "Aunt Marion" were probably taken at the time of their marriage. William appears to be a dapper twenty-three year old; while Cornelia appears as an innocent nineteen year old. The other photograph of Cornelia, taken by Draper, Photographic Portraits, 1313&1315 Columbia Avenue, Philadelphia, PA., pictures her as a stern but sensitive, middle-aged woman. Cornelia and William had six children. Their children were: 

            1845            Elizabeth Smith Smullen, died 1914

            1846            Mary Lilly Smullen, died 1889

            1848            Cornelius Smith Smullen, died 1925

            1850           William  Smith Smullen, died 1915

            1856            James Herbert Dexter Smullen, died 1914, and his twin brother

            1856            Frank Joshua Woolston Smullen, died 1901.

Photographs of all the Smith/Smullen children were obtained from "Aunt Marian". The photographs show the children as little miniatures of their parents... they look so old as children! The twins', James and Frank, photograph at a young age appear to be the same picture. However the photograph showing them at about 5-8 years of age seem to be different children. Pictures of William Smith Smullen and his children depict him as an extremely disdiquished gentleman.

 Apparently the twins were more than William could bear. William died in 1860. Cornelia, at the age of 49, remarried to Henry Lutz in 1864.  She gave birth to Henry's child, Henry C. S. Lutz, in 1865. [lets guess that the C.S. stood for Cornelius Smith]

 James Herbert Dexter Smullen (1856-1914)

James Herbert Dexter Smullen was born in 1856 and named after his mother's mother, James Herbert Dexter Smith. His twin brother was Frank Joshua Woolston Smullen; I don't know after whom his was named!

A double wedding must have been held!  James and Frank both married Edward and Louisa Wills' daughters. on 6 April 1879, Frank Joshua Woolston Smullen married Susan Wills and James Herbert Dexter Smullen married Sara Ann Wills. Sara and Susan Wills were the daughters of  Edward James Wills and Lousia Welma Johnston VanStone, both from England.  Photographs show Sara and Susan as rather pleasant and attractive young ladies for their time... but look out for the mother-in-law, Lousia Welmer Johnston VanStone. [Who could be pleasant with a name like that!] The photographs were all taken by Philadelphian photographer, which indicated the families lived in Philadelphia, PA.

Frank and Susan Smullen had two children: Bernice Smullen was born in 1884 and Roy W. Smullen was born in 1886. Frank died in 1901 at the early age of 45. Susan lived on into the twentieth century,  died in 1940.

James Herbert Dexter Smullen apparently remained in Philadelphia while he twin brother, Frank  Joshua Woolston Smullen, went west. It is said that Frank rode shot-gun on the stage-coach west. However there are photographs of his children, Bernice Smullen born 1884 and Roy W. Smullen born 1886, which were taken by a Philadelphia photographer. Maybe he didn't ride west until after 1886.  There are no photographs of Frank; however there are several of James taken as a young man through his elderly years. Likewise there are photographs and pictures of his wife, Sarah Wills Smullen, from her years as a mother  until her "golden" years. James and Sara had four children: 

            1880   Edward James H. Smullen - Philadelphia; married Constance Gertrude Bastian, of Delaware County PA. in 1906 

            1882   Stanley Bartlett Smullen - Philadelphia; married Mabel Trist Kugler and settled in Philadelphia PA. 

            1884   Clinton Wills Smullen - Iona City, California; married Clara Willels, Haddonfield NJ and settled in Norwood, Delaware County PA.  

            1887   Marion Cornelia Wills Smullen - Philadelphia; unmarried but was a "super" aunt to all nieces, nephews, and their spouses and children. Aunt Marion lived in Germantown, Philadelphia., where we visited her often.

James Herbert Dexter Smullen died in 1914.

Stanley Bartlett Smullen 1882-1968

Stanley Bartlett Smullen, born 1882, was the second son of James Herbert Dexter and Sara Wills Smullen. He was one of four children and appeared to be close to his brothers and sister.  An early photograph of Stanley depicts him as robust, blond, lad. The photograph was taken by Rothengatter, 912 Arch St. Philadelphia, which indicates he and his family lived in Philadelphia. Little is known about Stanley's childhood as he was a very closed mouth person. He was a Philadelphian realtor, who built a business and then had to survive the crash of 1928. 

I don't know how Stanley B. Smullen met the Kuglers, who were also involved in real estate. All I know is Mabel Trist Kugler married Stanley B. Smullen. Judging from George and Jennie's real estate activities, it's no wonder that Stanley met Mabel Trist Kugler and fell in-love immediately.  

Mr. and Mrs. George Kugler

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

Mabel Trist,


Mr. Stanley Bartlett Smullen

on Wednesday evening, March twenty second,

nineteen hundred and five,

at eight o'clock,

2223 St. Albans Street,


  The replica of the above wedding invitation tells it all. George Kugler, Jr. was about to give his daughter, Mabel at the age of twenty-three, in marriage to a dapper young businessman of the age of twenty-three. Can you image the guest list? All the Kugler aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters ... the Smullen aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters...

 The Kugler quest list probably include:

            Aunt Martha and Uncle Thomas  Morris from Trenton

            Uncle Samuel and Aunt Margaret Kugler

            Aunt Caroline and Uncle Samuel Bagot

            Uncle John and Aunt Kate Kugler

            Cousin Anne Newby Kugler Littleton and her husband William

            Cousin George Hinckley Kugler and his wife Mary came in from  Texas

            Cousin Eva Paterson Kugler Sterling and her husband William

            Cousin Walter Kugler

            Cousin Jean Douglas Kugler with her escort, Stanley H. Woodburn

            Other cousins: Paul Johnson Kugler, Edna Maxwell Kugler,  John LeBold Kugler Jr., and Katharine Ethel Kugler


The Smullen quest list probably included:

            Parents of the groom, Mr. and Mrs. James Herbert Dexter Smullen

            Grandfather William Smullen

            Aunt Elizabeth Smith Smullen

            Aunt Mary Lilly Smullen

            Aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Smith Smullen

            Aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. William  Smith Smullen, died 1915

            Aunt, Susan Wills Smullen

            Cousin,  Herbert Smullen

            Cousin and her husband, Lillian Smullen Henery and Wm. G. Henery

            Cousin, Wm  Smith  Smullen Jr.

            Cousin, Laura  Smullen

            Brother, Edward James Herbert Smullen and  his fiancee, Constance Bastian

            Brother, Clinton Wills Smith Smullen  with his fiancée Clara Willis

            Sister,  Marion Cornelia Wills Smullen

            Cousins Bernice and Roy W. Smullen

 A picture postcard shows Stanley and Mabel in Florida, riding a white wicker carriage being peddled by a friendly black gentleman. This was the type carriages that could be seen on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Stanley, Posies as your generation knows him, is wearing a white straw hat, bow ties, two piece suit and white socks! Mabel looks very prim and proper with her dark straw bonnet, silk print dress, long beads and a fur neck piece. To be in keeping with the story, this may have been their honeymoon; however they look older than twenty-three.

On September 3, 1906 Stanley and Mabel's first child was born. Of course his name was Stanley Bartlett Smullen Jr. [known as "Popie"]. His baby pictures show him as a chubby but robust tike.  Stanley Sr. was a proud father. There are three snapshot,  type postcards that were addressed to Mrs. James H. Smullen, Norwood, Del. Co. Penna.

The first card is postmarked Philadelphia, April 14, 1908. The message reads " Dear Mother , Do you think we look like twins. - Bart. 4/14/08". This photo shows Stanley Sr. kneeling and Stanley Jr. standing.  Stanley Sr. is wearing a round, black derby hat, dark suit, white shirt and dark tie [no white socks!]. Young Stanley is wearing a dark fluffy beret, dark, loose jacket with brass buttons, white bloomers, and dark stockings.

The second card is not postmarked; the message is "Here go Dada". The photo shows Stanley Jr. as a toddler running toward the camera. He is wearing the typical white boy's dress, belted with a dark sash, dark stockings and shoes. In the background shows the typical stone, row homes of Philadelphia, tree lined street and gas street light.

The third card is also not postmarked; the message is "Dear Mother,  This is Bart and his chum."  The photo is hand enscripted with "Stanley Bartlett Smullen Jr. and Mildred Lacey taken June 7-08 by S.B.S." The photo shows two toddlers: one is Stanley Jr. dressed as described above. The little girl is dressed in the typical white girl's dress, white stockings and high top shoes, with a large white bow in her hair. The picture was taken in a large grass area with row homes in the background.

 Two other snapshoot type post cards show Bart Jr. about the age of three. The handwritten caption on one reads " My dear little Grandson Stanley B. Smullen Jr."  The two were taken at the same time showing an adorable boy dressed in his dark rimmed hat and double breasted, eight button coat, and of course dark stockings. In one picture he is standing next to a sheltie dog, who is sitting is obviously cherishing the attention.

Two additional photo postcards show Bart Jr. as a young boy. One shows him as a handsome six-year old in a white sailor suit, taken in Ocean City. The other is a portrait of Bart, taken in August 1914, wearing the big collar white shirt and tie, dark double breast jacket, white knickers, black stockings with dark tasseled loafer type shoes. The back drop is an ocean scene.

Bart Jr.'s little sister, Mabel Eva Smullen, was born in 1915. Bart was nine years old at the time. Apparently he was the ideal big brother. Mabel became ill and died in 1921 at the age of six. To this day Popie will become very melancholy when relately his memoirs of his little sister.

In 1918, Stanley B. Smullen opened his own real estate business, Smullen & Co.  The business was still in operation at the time of his death in 1968. He was a member of the Philadelphia Board of Realtors, and a running elder of the Westside Presbyterian Church, Germantown.

While Stanley B Smullen Sr. was selling real estate, young Stanley grew up. Bart Jr. grew up in Germantown, but was exposed to the world.  In 1927, the Greenwoods announced the engagement of their  daughter. Charlotte Ester Greenwood to Stanley Bartlett Smullen Jr. They were married in 1928.

The Crash of 1929 followed by the depression caused hardships for Smulens. Stanley Smullen Sr. remained in business and paid back every penny he owed. Mabel Trist Smullen died sometime during the 1920's or 30's. Stanley Sr. remarried Alice Mackie and resided in an old farm house in the Abington area, before moving to 2601 Parkway, Philadelhia. Stanley Sr. died in summer of 1968. Obituary read " ... surviving are his wife, the former Alice Mackie; a son, Stanley B., Jr, a former city councilman; one grandchild [Stanley  III] and five great-grandchildren; a brother, Clinton W. and a sister, Marion C. Smullen."

Stanley Bartlett Smullen Jr. 1906-1997

On September 3, 1906 Stanley and Mabel's first child was born. Of course his name was Stanley Bartlett Smullen Jr. [known as "Popie"]. His baby pictures show him as a chubby but robust tike.  Stanley Sr. was a proud father. See above.....

Bart Jr.'s little sister, Mabel Eva Smullen, was born in 1915. Bart was nine years old at the time. Apparently he was the ideal big brother. Mabel became ill and died in 1921 at the age of six. To this day Popie will become very melancholy when relately his memoirs of his little sister.

In 1918, Stanley B. Smullen opened his own real estate business, Smullen & Co.  While Stanley B Smullen Sr. was selling real estate, young Stanley grew up. Bart Jr. grew up in Germantown, but was exposed to the world. Bart Jr. attended the Filter Elementary School in Germantown, Philadelphia. Upon completing elementary school Bart  Jr. went to Cheshire Academy, Cheshire Connecticut where he received his diploma in June of 1925. Apparently he knew Charlotte Orton Greenwood at the time, because she use to tell "tales" about Bart in the cemetery! [I also thought that Bart Jr. attended Chestnut Hill Academy at sometime.] During the period of 1925 and 1926, Bart Jr. attended the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He then majored in real estate law at Drexel Institute of Technology where he received his certificate in Real Estate Law in June of 1928.

By 1926 it is a proven fact that Bart and Charlotte ("Chick") had a meaningful relationship going. Pictures show  Bart and "Chick" at Cape May, NJ. In one picture Bart is wearing a white football sweater with a big letter "R" on it.  I don't know what school this is from? Bart is wearing his football sweater, white shirt and bow tie, with his hair parted in the middle. "Chick", with her 1920 cap hair-do, is wearing a white knit dress and white beads. The other couple shown in the photos are unbeknown to me but the girl is dressed the same way; the chap is wearing a tennis sweater.  Bart is wearing the same "R" sweater in other pictures taken of "Chick" and Bart in the Wissihickon Park area. What does the "R" stand for ...  Roxboro??

 Another snapshot shows five young adults on the beach in  1926 at Cape May, NJ. One is Bart Jr., another is "Chick". One chap is John Lord Sr. and his future wife, Lilius.  John Lord was in Bart and "Chick"s wedding party. Their son John Lord Jr. was in your parent's wedding party!

 In 1927, the Greenwoods announced the engagement of their  daughter. Charlotte Ester Greenwood to Stanley Bartlett Smullen Jr.

Stanley B. Smullen Jr.(Bart, Popie) and Charlotte Ester Greenwood (Nana) were married in 1928.  The Crash of 1929 occurred right after they were married, followed by the depression. Having received  certificate in Real Estate Law in June of 1928 did not provide  Bart Jr. with a job at this time. Popie says he started working at the ACME super market for a pitiful wage. During the 30's he became a store manager; his wages weren't much; but he could provide food for his family. Bart Jr. also worked with his father in real estate sales and development.

 "Chick" and Bart's first child was Nancy Carolyn Smullen was born January 24, 1930. During their early married years, I think, they lived with Harry and Charlotte Greenwood until they bought the house at 48 W. Gowen Avenue in Mt.Airy. Their second child, Stanley Bartlett Smullen, III ("Sonny"), was born March 30, 1934

 During the period of 1941-48, Bart Jr.. worked for the  Metlab Corp. Mermaid Lane, Mt. Airy, as an assistant  plant supervisor. While working there he attended Temple University 1942-44 and received a certificate in Physical Metallurgy.

In 1949, Bart went to work for the Auditor General's Office, Pennsylvania. This began his career with the State of Pennsylvania. He continued to be with the Auditor General's Office until 1961.

 Sometime before 1950 Nancy meet a WWII sailor vet named Roy Focht. In 1951 Nancy married Roy. Their first grandchild, Virginia Joyce Focht, was born in 1953.  Life was rather serene; Bart III had finally graduated from Germantown Academy and was attending college on a football scholarship.  "Chick" needed serious surgery in 1954; "Sonny" dropped out of school [maybe not his choice] and came home to see his mother. After her recovery, "Sonny" joined the Navy, probably at the urging of his brother-in-law, Roy.    

 In 1955 new strains were imposed upon "Chick" and  Bart  when the Greenwoods retired to an apartment around the corner form them. "Chick" was now responsible for getting her mother to the store, running errands and just looking after them. Around this time their second grandchild was born, Janet Louise Focht. While home on leave, "Sonny" renewed his relationship with Ann Greene. During 1956 they became engaged.

 1957 brought grandchild #3 David Focht, born in March, and a new daughter-in-law, Ann Greene, as "Sonny" and Ann were married on December 14, 1957. Nine months later, grandchild #4, Elizabeth Ann Smullen, was born. "Sonny", now called Stosh, Stan or Bart, finally was discharged from the Navy and entered Temple University. He graduate in June 1961, with a BS in Business, just ten days after grandchild #5 was born. This grandchild was a girl named after her grandmothers - Charlotte Louise Smullen.

 Charlotte Greenwood died on April 7, 1962 and life was about to change again. Charlotte's father, Harry Greenwood moved in. The Smullen living room was turned into an elderly person's living quarters. Harry Greenwood lived with his daughter and son-in-law at 48 W. Gowen Avenue, Mt. Airy until his death  July 5, 1964 age 98.

In 1962 Bart Jr. ran for City Councilman of Philadelphia. He was elected by special election and served 1962-64 as City Councilman for Philadelphia. Upon completion of his term he was employed by the Regional Rep, Pa Dept Commerce. Bart  attended the Military College, Chester Pa. in 1967 and received a Certificate in Urban Affairs.

All seemed well, when tragedy stroke. Nancy and Roy had just built their dream home and had moved in, when Nancy was taken ill. She was diagnosed with Leukemia October 1965. No treatment was affective;  Nancy Smullen Focht died December 4, 1965. Both parents, husband, children and brother and sister-in-law were grief-stricken. Her life and death affected all of us.

1967-70 Bart Jr.'s career went on; he became Regional Director and Deputy to Secretary of Department of Community Affairs, Commonwealth of Pa. While working, he continually wanted to be home with his wife.

In 1968, Bart Jr. and Ann had another daughter,  grandchild #6, named Caroline Beach Smullen in honor of Nancy Caroline Smullen Focht.

 In 1972  Bart Jr. and "Chick" retired to Shipbottom NJ, where they bought a two story cottage at 130 E. 22nd Street. There they lived contently; Bart Jr., known now as "Pop', and "Popie" continued to serve the community of Shipbottom. Nana became ill and died in 1983.

 In 1987, Popie re-married Ann Johnson, who was a long time friend of theirs and treated as a kin "aunt" to Nancy, Bart III, their spouses and children. Ann Johnson Smullen died about 1993 after a long illness. Stanley Bartlet Smullen Jr. continued to live in Shipbottom until his death in 1997.