KUGLER after 1850

George Kugler Jr.

George Kugler Jr was born in 1850. He was the ninth child of George and Caterine Kugler. His oldest sister died in 1846 at the age of fifteen. Of his surviving siblings, there were now four boys and three girls. George Jr's oldest brother was born in 1833 and his youngest sister was born in 1848. George Jr's kid brother, John,  was born in 1853. George Jr and John were very close.

By 1860, the Kugler family were grown; John was seven years old, George Jr. was 10, and his sister's Caroline and Catharine were 12 and 15.  George Jr's brother and sister, Charles and Martha had married. His brother,Samual, had gone off and joined the Union Army as a Private Co. B. 4th Regiment Penna Volunteer Infantry.  His brother, Jacob, became a Chaplin the 10th Alabama Confederate Army and was killed March 12,1862 in a train accident near Mobile, Ala. Of course George Jr's parents  were grief stricken to lose their son to the Confederate Army and then to have him killed. Meanwhile their other son was fighting in the Civil War as a soldier in the Union Army.

Conditions of Jacob's death were heart rendering. Maybe the heartbreak was too much! George Kugler Sr died on August 2, 1862 at the age of 55.

Before 1864, the George Kugler Jr's mother moved to Philadelphia with her four youngest children. Charles was now eleven years old, George Jr. was fourteen and the girls were sixteen and nineteen. The  Kuglers continued to have to suffer the memories of Jacob's death for the next six years.

            'An envelope addressed to  Mrs. Catherine Kugler, 2138 Christen Street, Philadelphia. The enclosed letter is dated Selma November 1866. It is addressed "My Dear Madam" and is signed "Your Bro. in Christ E. Anderson".  Catharine Kugler had written to Mr. Anderson for further information on Jacob.  Mr. Anderson says he has given her letter to someone - unnamed- who may be able to supply it.' 

            'A letter dated Centerville May 30, 1868, addressed to Mrs. Kugler and signed H.A. Smith.  He says that Mr. Kenneth Morrison of Columbia, Shelby County, wishes her to know that he has her son's books and other things , and knows where Jacob is buried.' 

            'A letter to Catherine Kugler from K.L. Morrison, Columbia, Alabama, dated July 1, 1868. He acknowledges receipt of Catharine Kugler's letter of June 15, and says he has sent her a box of books and a trunk belonging to Jacob. Here is the letter's closing paragraph: 

                                    "J.L. Kugler belonged to Company C, 25th Infantry. He was killed on the Mobile and Ohio Railroad  by accidentally falling between the cars in attempting to step from one car to another. It was on or about 12th of March 1862 some 20 or 30 miles above Mobile Ala. He was buried a grave yard in the country nearby the sad accident. The men that was left to bury him are both dead."  '            

In 1864 George Kugler Jr. , at the young age of 14, went to work for Isaac Hinckley, a president of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad. In 1869 George Kugler Jr. became friends with N.P.Trist. In the Memorabilia are letters from N.P. Trist to George dated Alexander Va. November 26,1869, and February 9, 1872, Alexander Va.  'These letters suggest that Trist was older than George Kugler and took an avuncular [resembling an uncle, especially a benevolent uncle]. Their friendship evidently extended over a period of several years and they seem to have corresponded regularly about both business and personal affairs. George Kugler's esteem for his friend is shown by naming his fifth child Mabel Trist [Kugler, who is also your great-grand mother being Stanley B. Smullen Sr.'s first wife.]'

 Who was N. P. Trist?  According to Encyclopedia of American History, edited by Richard B. Morris, Nicholas P Trist (1800-74) was the confidential commissioner accompanying General Winfield Scott's Army during the Vera Cruz Expedition of the War With Mexico. Scott's army had captured Vera Cruz in August of 1847. With the fall of Vera Cruz, President Polk, with agreement of his cabinet, decided to dispatch a peace commissioner to Mexico. Chosen for this secret assignment was Nicholas P. Trist, chief clerk of the State Department. There was a controversy over Trist's authority; Scott  regarding it as an invasion of his own and holding that an armistice was exclusively a military question. Did N.P.Trist remain as chief clerk of the State Department?  Was Nicholas P. and N. P. the same Trist?  It would explain Trist's letter to George Kugler Jr being postmarked Alexander Va.

It may explain the mystery letter Catalog #98 of the Kugler Family Memorabilia. 'A letter dated Antonia Lazardo July2, 1847, addressed "My Dear Mother". It consists of one sheet of paper, written on both sides, but is incomplete, and the writer is not identified. Click here to see a typescript of the letter.

 'The writer mentions his three sisters - Ann Elizabeth, Mary and Margaret. It happens that Catharine Labold had sisters named Elizabeth, Mary, and Ann. ... Also George Kugler Sr's oldest sister was named Ann-Elizabeth. ... The girl's names suggest that the boy in the Navy was a son of Catharine Labold's sisters or brothers, and thus a first cousin to George Kugler.' [it may explain the connection with N. P. Twist]

 Meanwhile a new girl moves into town. The "catalog" lists a handwritten agreement by Mathew Fleming to sell James Paterson a new house  at 1737 Ellsworth St. Phila for $2000 subject to ground rent of $48. It is  dated 12-29-1871. Lets assume Mr. James Paterson had a daughter Jane, who was knick-named "Jennie".

 Listed in the Catalog of Kugler Family Memorabilia is a letter written in pencil to "Dear Jennie" and signed "Your ever Affectionate Friend Kate M." The letter suggests the Jennie Paterson and Kate Mulch had worked together at Allen's (store). [I remember Allen's as the established Department store on the corner of Chelten Avenue and Green Street in Germantown, Philadelphia. It advertised its origin some time during the 1800's. Could it be one in the same?  Allen's closed its doors in the 1950's after the malls were being built.]  It discusses a "beau" and mentions a novel St.Elmo. The curious feature of this letter is its date, which is February 6, 1861. This must be a gross error by the writer. Jennie Paterson was only 11 years old in 1861." The date was most likely 1871.

On March 25, 1872 George Kugler Jr. married Jane (Jennie) Paterson. The ceremony was held by Rev. George Van Deurs (of Troy NY) at the residence of the bride's father in Philadelphia. The  groomsman  was Harry G. Rees Esq. and the  brides maid was Sabine Sterling both of Philadelphia. The certificate of marriage  states the address as 1627 Christian Street, Phila. A family bible was published in 1872 which belonged to George Kugler, Jr.

 At the time of the wedding George Kugler Mr.'s grandmother, Christiana LeBold,  was ninety-one years old. She died November 5, 1872 and is buried at Boehm's Church Yard, Blue Bell, Montgomery Co. PA. Blue Bell with the other Kugler's.  George Kugler Jr. and Jane had seven children: 

            Anne Newby Kugler  1873   m. Wm. G. Littleton

            George H. Kugler 1874 - lives in Port Arthur Texas

            Eva Paterson Kugler 1876 -  m. Wm. Sterling

            Walter Kugler 1880 -1916

            Mable Trist Kugler1882 -  m. Stanley B. Smullen 1905

            Helen LeBold Kugler 1884 - 1885  6  mos old

            Jean Douglas Kugler 1892 - 1974  m. Stanley H. Woodburn

            A letter dated 1875 from Isaac Hinkley indicates that by this time George Jr. was private secretary to Hinckey, President. of Phila, Wilmington, Baltimore Railroad. Letters show Hinkley's high respect for George. A letter from Isaac to George B. Roberts Esq., President of the Pennsylvania R.R. Co. , written about the same time, states the following:


            "            I enclose a letter addressed to me by George Kugler who has been Pres Secretary for many years and in my office since 1864. He is a living Index to all books and papers in the Pres office and a most industrious faithful man, to whom can be trusted the most confidential matters as he is a model of discretion. Who ever may henceforth be president of this Co or do the work which I have dones needs such a man and none could be found, I think, considering the knowledge Kugler has acquired in the office, who could do so well as he can.


                        I shall deem it a favor if I can be enabled to give satisfactory reply to the enclosed letter, either by your action or by that of V. Pres Cassat or anyone to whom you will refer the question. Kugler was paid in 1866 $240 per annum. His pay has been gradually increased and was put at $1250 in Nov 1876 where it now stands. He will earn his pay.


                                    Yours Very Truly


                                    Isaac Hinckley, Pres.            "


            It appears that George's position was in jeopardy or at least his salary was under debate. From the entries in the "Catalog" or family bibles, it appears the George and Jennie survived very well.  I have been unable to determine when George Kugler Jr. died; as well as Jennie Paterson. To relate the adult lives of George and Jennie, I list the pertinent entries after 1875, in chronological order,  from the "Catalog" and family bibles. In typing this entries I have tried to retain the wordage from the original notes. You can determine your own conclusions.  All I know is Mabel Trist Kugler married Stanley B. Smullen, who is you great-grand father. Judging from George and Jennie's real estate activities, it's no wonder that Stanley met Mabel Trist Kugler and fell in-love immediately. Entries are as follows: 

            1878  - Receipt for  $40.00 paid on account by George Kugler to John Evans, Phila. for carpets. It is dated February 4, 1878. 

            1880 - Paul Johnson, son of J.L & K.D Kugler born 

            1880 Walter Kugler, son of Geo. & Jane Kugler born 

            1881 - Letter to Jennie Kugler from Isaac Hinckley dated December 1881 enclosing money for Christmas gifts to the children. 

            1881 Henry Flectcher Kugler, son of J.L & K.D Kugler born 

            1882 Henry Fletcher Kugler, son of JL & KD Kugler died 

            1882 Mabel Trist Kugler, daughter of Geo. & Jane Kugler born. She  married S.B.Smullen Sr. 

            1882 - An attested excerpt from the minutes of the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore Railroad on January 27, 1882, which deals with the conditions of George Kugler's continued employment as secretary to Isaac Hinckley. 

            1882 - Western Union telegram addressed to George Kugler, 1523 Carpenter Street, from John L. Kugler, dated Paschalville Pa., April 5, 1882, reading: "Katie died at half-past to this morning in form Charlie".  [ Kate was their sister Catherine Kugler, wife of John Glanney.] 

            1883 Edna Maxwell Kugler, daughter of J.L & K.D Kugler born 

            1884 - George Kugler's will, dated 1884, from which it appears he and Thomas Gamon were in business together. (Gamon was George's brother-in-law, married to Jennie Kugler's sister Annie. 

            1884  - Receipted bill  for taxes for 1884 on property at 1523 Carpenter  Street, addressed to George Kugler. 

            1884  - Receipted bill  for taxes for 1884 on property 1737 Ellsworth St. addressed to Jennie Paterson. 

            1884 - Certificate of Attendance, Conduct and Lessons Etc., for G. Kugler Sept 1884 to Jan 1885, from Pollack Sec,. School. George was the ten years old and got good marks. 

            1884 Helen LeBold Kugler baptized by Rev. Willis B. Skillman. 

            1884  Kugler, Geo.Jr, PW&B RR Co. Envelope labeled in Geo.'s handwriting "My last will executed March 25, 1884. 

            1885 Helen Le Bold Kugler died Feb. 20 1885, age 6 mos. 24 days, buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia. 

            1885 Kugler, Charles  married Kate Conard 3-28-85 

            1886 John LeBold Kugler, son of J.L & K.D Kugler born 

            1887 - Forty cancelled checks. These checks are drawn on The City Trust, Safe deposit & Surety CO. Walnut St. Phila all were issued between October 26 1887 and December 2 1887. Each is signed by George Kugler. They  total $15,008.58. On the backs of four of them is a list of the coin and bill denomination which the money is to be issued, which suggests they may have been for payrolls. Thirty-one of the checks, totaling $11,122.91, are payable to Thomas Gamon. In several cases Gamon received two checks on the same day. On November 15 he received four checks, totaling $1773.60; on November 16, four, totaling $401.01; and on November 18, five, totaling $1866.00. Four of the remaining checks were payable to Self and totaled $1800.00 

            1887 Katherine Ethel Kugler, daughter of J.L & K.D Kugler born 

            1888 - Receipted bill from Chas,Blasius & Sons, dated February 29, 1888, to Miss A.N. Kugler for $400 for a Soham square grand piano. 

            1888 - A letter, the envelope addressed "To Jennie from George". The letter was written Christmas Eve 1888. It is very warm and sentimental, and accompanied with money. 

            1889 - Receipted bill for taxes for 1889 on propery at 1523 Carpenter St.Phila addressed to George Kugler.  

            1889 Jane Paterson-receipted bill for taxes on 1737 Ellsworth St. issued to Jane Paterson. 

            1889- Receipted bill for taxes for year 1889 on propery at 1520 Strecth St. Philadelphia,  addressed to George Kugler. (I have been unable to locate Stretch St.} 

            1889 Mary Elsie Kugler, daughter of JL & KD Kugler died 

            1889 - A copy of "Church & Home", Darby PA, October 1889. George  Kugler and family mentioned on page 5. 

            1889 - Receipted bill from W.Wallace, 1616 South Street, Phila, to Thomas Gamon, for wall-papering at 1520 Stretch Street, dated June 12,1889 

            1889 Mary Elsie Kugler, daughter of J.L & K.D Kugler born

            1890 - Receipted bill for taxes for year 1890 on property at 1523 Carpenter Street, addressed to George Kugler. 

            1890 - Receipts for water rents for year 1890 for 1523 Carpenter St, 1737 Ellsworth Street, and 1520 Stretch St. paid by George Kugler 

            1891- Tax bill for year 1891 on property at1737 Ellsworth Street, addressed to Jane Paterson. 

            1891 - Letter from Thomas Gamon to Geogre Kugler, on Gamon's business letterhead, dated April 8, 1891, dealing with details of their business. 

            1891 - Receipt for water rent  for year 1891 for 1520 Stretch Street., paid by George Kugler.           

            1891 - Receipt for ground rent on 1523 Carpenter Street, dated November 2, 1891, paid by George Kugler. 

            1891 - Statements addressed to George Kugler, dated 1891, of accounts for 1520 Stretch Street and 1523 Capenter Street from A.G.Murphey, agent, with associated bills. 

            1891  - First sheet only of a letter dated Marsland Neb. May 25 1891, addressed to "Dear Ones at Home". It is from a cheerful young man on an extented trip through the west, and is filled with details about the weather and horses. [maybe one of George Kugler's brothers] 

            1892 - A typewritten copy of Kugler Catharine's will, dated 1892. It appears from this that Martha Jane Kugler Morris lived in Trenton, and Catharine Kugler lived with her for a while; and that John Lebold Kugler lived in Philalphia. The will bequeaths the 1820 bible to Geroge Kugler. 

            1892 Jean Douglas Kugler baptized by Rev. Robert I. Gamon. 

            1892 - Born on Good Friday April 15, 1892 at 10 and 10:30 P.M. respectively, twins children of John L. and Kate D. Kugler named  Mildree Anderson Kugler and Ruth Oliver. 

            1892 Anne Newby Kugler married to William Graham Littleton, 1st Presb.Church of Darby PA, assisted by Rev. Robt. Gamon. 

            1892 Mildred Anders- July 24, twin daugther JL & KD Kugler died 

            1892 Ruth Oliver- July 30,  twin daugther JL & KD Kugler died

            1893 - A letter to Jennie Paterson from George Van Deurs dated May 26, 1893 

            1893 - Verse printed on black-bordered card, read at funeral service for Mrs. James Paterson, which took place at 1629 Christian St. Phila on June 23, 1893 

            1894 - Lease for home and store at 2048 S. 18th St, Phila, dated November 1, 1894,  George Kugler the lessor. A note regarding an erasure is signed by Walter Kugler,who was then 14 yrs.old [Walter Kugler is George and Jennie's son.] 

            1896 Geo. H. Kugler married Mary Cooper 

            1900 -  A letter to Miss Jean Kugler  from George van Deurs, dated July 30, 1900, on the occassion of her birthday. (My Mother tells me that Mr. van Deurs was at one time an assistant pastor at Bethany Presbyterian Church. It was he who married George & Jenny Kugler.) 

            1902 - A small pocket-notebook with clippings and writen reflections in George Kugler's hand-writing, dated Monday May 26 through Saturday May 31, 1902. It contains a reference to Botherhood House. 

            1902 - A package of ten receipts, roughly one each month, dated February through December 23, 1902, mostly on John Wanamaker printed receipt forms, for amount ranging from $43 to $500. These seem to represent house rents collected for John Wanamaker by George Kugler. There are three sheets of paper bearing George Kugler's  handwriting, listing some of the addresses and the amounts collected. All these are in an envelope marked "Rents" in George Kugler's writing. The envelope is addressed to Mr. George W. Kegler, 2116 South Street, Philadelphia. The return address is Robert M. Coyle Fire Insurance, 318 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. It is postmarked August 30, 1904. The envelope seems to have no relation to its contents [ ten receipts]. 

            1903  - A"Stratford-on-Avon Pictorial Letter Card" addressed to Mr. and Mrs George Kugler, 2223 St. Albans Street. The salutaion is "To our loved ones at St. Albans".; signed "Aunt Annie and Uncle Tom". It was mailed in Cheltenham  on September 29,1903 and recieved at the Philadelphia Post Office on October 8.  Tha Gamons seem to have been visiting England for an extended period; the letter says they have "been saying farewell for the last two weeks". 

            1906 - A letter dated June 4, 1906 addressed "Dear Mother" signed "Walt". It tells how to get to Parkland, Bucks Co. by trolley car.  [Mother is Jennie, Walt is Walter Kugler 1880 -1916

            1906 - A letter addressed to Mr. George Kugler,  2223 St. Albans Street, from John Wanamaker, dated Laurel House, Lakewood NJ. February 9, 1906. It is written and addressed in Wanamaker's hand and deals with abandoned plan for use of some of the houses on Bainbridge Street. 

            1906 Paul Johnson Kugler married Bertha Beach Smith nee Wells 

            1916 Walter Kugler, son of George & Jenny Kugler died 

            1916 Caroline Kugler Bagot died 

            1916 - Letter addressed to George Kugler [Jr.] at 2415 Carpenter Street from George H. Kugler [his son] 1849 6th Street, Port Arthur Texas dated November 29, 1916. 

            1918 - A letter from Port Artur, Texas, addressed "Dear Grandmother, signed "your grandson George Kugler. His return address shows him to be in the Army. The letter is dated April 10, 1918. This may be shortly after the death of the writer's mother, since he writes of his sister Mary preparing to go to Philadelphia to live, and of his father [George Jr.] disposing of all the household furniture. [The writer must be George H. Kugler's son George, Grandmother must be Jennie Kugler] 

            1920 - A snapshot photograph of George and Jennie Kugler, in their seventies, taken in a back-yard. 

            1921 - A receipt to Jean D. Kugler for $391.00 on account of loan, signed Jennie Kugler. It is dated February 14, 1921. 

            1922 Jean Douglas Kugler married Stanley H. Woodburn, Phila.; later resided in Drexel Hill. 

            1926  - A Picture post card "Edinburg, Princes Stree Gardens, addressed to Mrs. George Kugler, 303 Llandrillo Road, Cynwyd Pa., signed "Nan", postmarked Edinburg 24 August 1926.  The message mentions Mrs. Houston who "showed me her mother's old home, Bellvue, where you and she walked and sang." ( So.. Jennie Paterson had made a trip to Scotland). [ Among the entries in the "Catalog"  is a Christams card from "Mrs. Houston and Family, Brownrigg, Dumfries", with a written message to "Dear Jennie", and signed "your aff cousin Anne Houston". There is no date.] 

            1926  A black-bordered envelope  inscribed "For dear Mrs. Gamon's sister Aunt Jennie". It contains memorial to "Thomas Gamon ..(late Phileladelphia USA) beloved husband of Edith Mary Gamon, who died July 21 1926, aged 88. 

                 (Who is Edith Mary Gamon? What happened to Annie?)  

            [As you remember, Thomas Gamon was one of George's business partners. Thomas was married to Jennie's sister, Annie... so Edit Mary Gamon must be a daughter of Annies and Thomas'..thus Jennie would be "Aunt Jennie" - Ann Smullen] 

            1927 Kate Dickel (K.D)Kugler, wife of John LeBold Kugler (J.L) died

            19??  - Among the Kugler Memorabilia is a newspaper clipping, no source or date announcing the death of George H. Kugler at Port Arthur, Texas. [George H. was Geo. Jr.s son and brother of Mabel Trist Kugler.] 

When did George Kugler Jr. die?  When did Jennie Paterson Kugler die?